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Year In Review | 2019

January 12, 2020

Year In Review | 2019

As I folded away some piles of laundry today it suddenly occurred to me that a blog post was long past due. What better a topic than to contemplate on a year gone by – and what a year it has been! I realize now that 2019 was a year of leaving behind the old and embracing the new.

My son Lincoln who is 3 days away from his 2nd birthday, has blossomed into a real boy doing big boy things. Last year he accomplished some huge milestones such as walking, eating everything, sort of talking and even singing! As mothers we are delighted yet a little saddened as we see our littles ones leave babyhood and lessen their dependency on us. I now need to work on taking him off mommy’s milk!

We’re still pretty knee deep in house renovations that began back in 2018, but that’s ok. My husband and his co-founder sold their business freeing up time and energy to fully devote to Llama Mama. After nearly a year long pause we re-launched Llama Mama and I’m so glad we did. Now that my son is somewhat older he is able to entertain himself long enough for me to sneak away for 20 minutes at a time and work on posts, SEO, ads and a bazillion other things.

Yes, it is still very slow going and I often ponder how far along I would be without a baby. Then I am struck by the realization that without Lincoln I would never be doing this. Having a son has, in a strange way, transformed me into a focused, driven and decisive person. Qualities I never possessed before!

Probably the main thing I learned last year was my why. Why did I start Llama Mama and why do I keep going? It’s simple - I was inspired by love to create a business that might help a woman’s motherhood journey. Mine was a bit of a tough one and it made me realize how important self-care is after baby is born.

If a pair of quality nursing pads can help a mama get on with her day than I’ve done my job. If a simple wooden toy that a sweet baby will clutch and coo over can give a mama 10 minutes to go brush her teeth and put on her makeup then I’ve done my job. This is why I named this business Llama Mama –  it reminds me that at the core this business is really for mothers. On that note, this year I will be introducing a lot more mother focused products (YAY)!

Motherhood has no doubt had a huge impact on the way I connect with my customers and run my business. For that I am thankful.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year!